Our Statement of Beliefs

congregation of faith

We come from many different walks of life and have many gifts and interests among us.  God's Spirit has drawn us together with a common bond in the love of Jesus Christ and a desire to worship and serve together.

We may not know your name right now, but we hope this profile will help introduce us to you until we can get better acquainted.

We hold these beliefs in common:

We believe God's love for humanity was demonstrated in the life, death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ, and that we are to be partners with God in sharing this message of forgiveness and hope; inviting all to come to know God through Jesus, being made right with God through him.

We are a people who are dependent on the goodness and trustworthiness of God, the love ad grace of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the filling and fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

We are founded upon God's Word, the Holy Bible, and are committed to its study and application.

We are called to grow as individuals in a personal relationship with Christ and as a community of believers. 

We rely upon the Holy Spirit for our relationship with God, power for ministry and the joy and blessing of our faith.

Our Faith empowers us to share the Word of God with others so they may come to know Jesus Christ and grow in faith.

Our Faith activates us to serve the Lord by serving others in the Church, the community and the world.

Our Faith equips us to encourage and help those who are in need by demonstrating God's love, justice and peace.

Our Faith draws us to unity to worship, instruct and support one another.

Our Faith strengthens us as we fellowship and pray for one another in loving relationships.

Our Faith calls us to be a discipling community to develop full devotion to Christ, which is a life-long journey.

Our Faith compels us to cherish life and creation as we honor God as Creator.

Our Faith instructs us to affirm and nurture the family according to God's design.

Our Faith blesses us as we dedicate and manage our life, energy, gifts and resources according to God's will.

Our Faith renews us as we grow in the Holy Spirit, and live the promise of eternal life.

Our Faith is foundational in all we do, and calls us to exemplify the Lord in every aspect of life.

Marley Church has gathered believers from the surrounding areas for more than 187 years, and we are proud of our heritage.  However, our vision is for the future as we continually assess our calling as God's people in this place.