congregation of faith

A small nucleus of eleven prairie settlers in what is now south-central Homer Township, became the first members of the O' Plain Baptist Church.  Organized by Baptist missionary Allen B. Freeman, on October 5, 1833, the Church began in the cabin of pioneer settler, Abram Snapp and family.

In 1850, a small white frame Church was built at the village of Hadley, a prosperous prairie settlement along what was the Chicago-Bloomington Trail.  The Church, renamed "The Hadley Baptist Church" attracted members from the surrounding settlements.

 As other towns sprang up along the railroads and canals, Hadley went the way of many settlements and vanished.  A new church building was erected in 1900 at the thriving village of Marley along the Wabash Railroad.  The building was dedicated in 1901, as "The Marley Baptist Church" and is the sanctuary that we still use today.

 The name was changed in 1914, to "The Marley Baptist Community Church," when the decision was made to receive Christians from other denominational affiliations.  A few years later the name was changed again dropping the word Baptist.

 The Marley Community Church has added more property and buildings over the years, and continues to be a growing, progressive Church.

Our History