Our Cause
A member of the Marley Church family has been recently diagnosed with primary central nervous system lymphoma brain cancer.  He has begun an aggressive chemo regimen.  He & his family really need our help.  He is not able to work and his wife will is taking FMLA to help him through this.  The modest amount of income coming to their household (he is unable to work and most of her time is dedicated to helping him and raising their two young children) is no match for the ever increasing medical bills. Even the general living expenses are becoming overwhelming.  We are asking for your prayers and support for this family and we hope you can join us at our chilli cook off and fall festival. Any monetary support we provide helps lift their burden but the community and fellowship we provide helps lift their spirits. ​

Chili cook off and fall festival

We wanted to invite our community of Faith to participate in a chili cook off / fall festival fundraiser scheduled for Saturday October 26, 2019 . The flyer above contains an outline of some of the activities we'll have available at the event and it lists the cost for families (per person) to participate in the chili cook off tasting/voting. Children under 5 will have the option of a hot dog, chips, and drink meal for $3.00. All are invited and participation in the chili cook off is totally optional. This isn't a Halloween themed celebration so no costumes needed. We want to have fun, share information about our cause (see below), and enjoy each other's company.